Miss Me?

Hello there!

I have been busy visiting family in Ohio, and working on the creation of some trans-friendly policies for my workplace.  That, in addition to a little chapbook I am trying to finish and my regular schedule of avoiding shit I have to do and well, I just wandered off for a while.  But here I am, with a mini-post.

First, drumroll please…


Yup, I got my social security card in the mail, so now I can change my name at work.  One of my student loan companies changed my middle name, but refused to change my first name with only a new ID.  They wanted to see the judgment oder too, which would be fine if the woman on the phone hadn’t told me the reason they were willing to change my middle name was because “married women often change their middle name to their maiden name, so [they] only require a state issued ID for that.”  But if you’re not some straight lady changing her last name, well, then, you can submit all kinds of additional information and wait.  Douches.  Privileged douches.  Ah well, the SS card is really the most important thing, and for that I am pumped.

And, for the record, this is what not shaving for six days will get me…


That stubble and 2.25 will get me on the Red line.

Hey, tell me, how are you enjoying the fall?  I am leaving the windows open and sniffing the breeze like my cat.  Autumn makes me feel invincible.

As always, be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

Legal Name Change in IL: Some Tips

So, last week I* went to the Daley center and filed some papers and paid a whole lot of money** to get a court date to have my name legally changed.

In Illinois, there are multiple legal-type forms to fill out, multiple steps to take, and the whole process is a little intimidating.  I’m a baby, and so I would have been pretty scared if it wasn’t for…drumroll please….The Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois!

Yeah, for real: the last Friday of every month, there are FREE LAWYERS, courtesy of TJLP, hanging out in the Daley Center, just waiting to fill out all my paperwork and help me file it for free.


Well, I still had to pay the ridiculous filing costs, to the tune of multiple hundreds of dollars  (for both modesty and clarity sake, see the specifics here).  So if you have lived in Illinois for at least the last six consecutive months, and want to change your name for trans reasons, check this out!

My lawyer, Elizabeth (big thanks to her!), was really friendly: basically she just asked me all the necessary questions (name, SSN, felony status, birthdate, etc), filled out the forms for me, took me up to the counter to do all the filing, took me over to the other counter to publish the change, and all I had to do was shell out the dough.  Ouch.  It burns me up a bit that it costs straight people Target cashier money to change their name when they get married, but it costs me stripper weekend money to change mine to what it should have been in the first place.

Cest la vie.

So my court date is at the end of August, where I will appear and will hopefully have a judge that’s cool with it.  Elizabeth says some judges are hostile: in that case I would ask for a continuance and get another date with a different judge.  She also said some judges are great, and get a boner just thinking about how awesome they are to be so benevolent and understanding of our weird tranny shit.  I just hope mine is over it and bored and says, “whatever you want kid,” and signs my papers.   The best part is that I won’t be alone: TJLP will have a lawyer there waiting to go in with me, and if they notice trouble, will let me know.  I have never been in a court room, and am not sure I would know the difference between a hostile judge and a stuffy one.  I’m glad they are there to help us poor trans folks in Illinois.  I hope other states have similar organizations.

Happy 4th friends!

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

* Actually, it was me and K.

**Actually, I could not have paid these fees without a generous grant from my fiancee.