About Eli and His Blog

About Eli: I am a mid 30s American citizen living in Chicago.  I enjoy observing art in most forms.  I enjoy creating art through writing. I dislike caffeine.  I had cancer once, but it went away and now I take better care of myself.  I care about people, and animals, and this planet, and try daily to make that a primary presence in my mind.  I miss my grandmother a lot.

Thanks for taking time to visit this blog.  I hope to hear from you, and learn about your life as well. I spent a few years living in Western Massachusetts, and so if you are there, or have a memory of there, I would love to hear about it.  And if you currently live in Chicago, fuck yes.  Let’s talk about this grand city.

About My Life Without Tits: This blog is about gender, mostly: mine initially, and yours if you would like to enter the conversation.  Of course you are all welcome here.  I welcome all types of comments but expect civility.  Follow the golden rule and keep your hands to yourself and we got no problems.

Look forward to a new post each week, varying from topics on trans health and the autobiographical to queer artist interviews and reviews.  As my life evolves, so will this blog.  Currently I am working on my first graphic novel memoir, 609 Iowa, which deals with such heady topics as childhood trauma, reconciliation, Charlemagne’s treasonous knights, and 70s rock.

By all means, make yourself comfortable.  Since this blog, as time has passed, has also become about writing and the lives of people, generally, use this space as a friend’s living room: be kind, and honest, and let’s enjoy each other’s company while we’re all still on this side of the dirt.

Your Pal Eli

Eli in the Borghese Garden, Rome, June, 2014.  He's the dude in the foreground.

Eli in the Borghese Garden, Rome, June 2014. He’s the big dude in the foreground.


30 thoughts on “About Eli and His Blog

  1. Have been browsing your blog for the past week or so, and wanted to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying it! I can’t wait to hear more of your transition (as you choose to share of course). Thank you for being so open and welcoming.


  2. Thanks for the blog Eli. I myself am not transgender but I know someone close to me who is transgender and having this blog explain transgender issues is a big help to me. It gives me some insight and helps me be more supportive. So thank you for putting your life out there and helping people who could use some direction or knowledge.

    • You’re welcome Tibs! And on behalf of the transgender community, thanks for doing the legwork of reaching out and trying to inform yourself. We need more allies like you. 😉

  3. We need more blogs like this. while I myself am straight I embrace all of humanity and reading blogs such as yours and others of diversity is how we all become educated and compassionate. We are all in this fight for life together..
    also, I have a poetry zine if you ever feel like tossing some words our way 🙂

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  5. Hey, really enjoying your blog. I’m on a similar journey preparing for top surgery. I actually just left Chicago in August. We should connect sometime.

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  8. Stumbled on your blog and enjoyed reading about your experience at the Howard Brown Health Center. I was wondering if you could tell me how long it took you to get the three appointments in? I live in Indiana but will be gone most of the summer so was looking to see if it is feasible to start before I leave or if I should wait until August. Thanks for any additional info and for blogging your experience!

  9. Hello,
    I just wanted to say congratulations on progressing in your transition. By the way, I went to the Howard Brown Health Center, too, and it looks like we actually started T on the same day.

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