Under Construction: So Long (For Now)

Friends, I have long been neglecting this blog, and my writing at large, for fair reasons (I got married, went to Italy for three weeks). But I am home now, and feel recharged and ready to recommit to this blog.  The original intent of this blog was to make some space to chronicle my transition from female to male, to search for a trans community while trying to understand my own trans identity, and to that end, this blog has been highly successful. I have written for two years, and made many a friends here. But I want more from this space, as I am more than a trans person.  I am a writer, and this space should be able to serve the dual purpose of creative and autobiographical writing.  Additionally, those two things overlap, quite frequently, and so I want to blur the line here between my creative and autobiographical endeavors. To that end, I have taken the initiative to purchase a domain, and so from here on out this place will be http://www.mylifewithouttits.com, please update your bookmarks to reflect this minor switch.  Also, I am going to preform some long overdue spring cleaning, and therefore this blog will be made private (in a day or two, to give folks time to see this message) until I’ve got this ship in tip-top shape. It won’t be long, but this is so long (for now.)

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli