11 Months on Testosterone Update

Hello Friends!

I’ve been busy with poetry writin’ and whatnot, but here’s a video for posterity/education/entertainment purposes.

Enjoy, and be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

19 thoughts on “11 Months on Testosterone Update

    • Sweet! Sweet on all counts! It’s funny, the comment thing is more about feeling less like I’m talking to myself and less about asking for compliments. The latter is likely how it comes off. Ick. I’m gross.


  1. Big changes since last I saw you. Nice to know things are progressing (relatively) smoothly. The shorter fuse is certainly a something I can relate to! lol

    • Thanks Dan, Good to hear from you.

      Yeah, the short fuse thing is something I look forward to watching progress. I’m not concerned about it, and actually I do see sometimes how it gives me more confidence, if used wisely. I’m less afraid to look people in the eye now.


    • “Your dialect is very masculine” is something no one has ever said to me. What an interesting thing, gendered dialect. Thank you for giving me this to think about!


      • We had a short discussion in my public speaking class and I read about it a bit in Self-Made Man. I hadn’t thought about it either before, but now I’m starting to notice it more.

      • I think guys tend to speak more slowly. Women tend to get everything out quick, even if it means needing to take a big breath at the end. I think guys tend to make more blunt statements, and use “you know?” more than “like” which is more associated with females. Some of it is hard to explain, and some of it I don’t even understand yet, but there’s a big difference in the way most men and women talk. (Again, all generalizing.) And you definitely strike me as a guy talking!

    • Hey,

      I don’t know how to reply to the last thing you said, but, this is in response to the last thing you said:

      I notice the difference too, of the cadence and content of masculine identifying folks versus feminine identifying folks. And I am trying to blend, as it is, and thanks for noticing! It’s actually not so much that I’m trying to do something, as it is that I am letting myself be as I am, and that place seems to fall in the traditional masculine zone, linguistically speaking.

    • The crying thing is nice, and weird. I’m glad to not go to pieces at times when I would have gone to pieces in the past. But sometimes it would feel good to cry, but I bemoan my inability to do so less and less as time goes on. A few days ago I was upset about something, felt the old urge to cry, didn’t, and just moved on with my day.

      Send the lad a high five from me. 🙂


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