2 thoughts on “8 Months on Testosterone Update

  1. Wedding?? Wedding???!!! Wedding!!! 🙂
    Why… HOW did I not know about this?!
    Well, either way, congrats! I could not be more happy for you or proud of you. Awesome. LOVE! ❤

  2. Congrats on all these milestones! The wedding especially is exciting news!

    Restrooms are tricky, yeah. I’ve been full time for 2 years, on HRT for a little over 2 years, and legally transistioned since January 2013. I seek out unisex/family restrooms whenever I can. Women’s rooms can be a bit odd sometimes. Before transition if I was in a men’s room and the stalls were full and I needed one, I’d just stand there and wait.

    Yeah, insurance. That’s not fun. Hopefully everything will work out for you though.

    Take care, Eli!


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