Photo Comparison: Face Shape on T

So, it’s been just over six months on testosterone.  And although I already posted a vlog on the topic, I wanted to do a face comparison, pre-t and now.

Let’s get right into it: this photo was taken 2 weeks before I started testosterone, in mid February (as you can tell by the lipstick doodle that is peeking out on my chest)–



And this one was taken today, 6 months and a few days on testosterone:

Nice lighting, bro.

Nice lighting, bro.

I do see a bit more definition in my jaw.  Also, check out the rad difference in my biceps.  Lefty was always the weakling, but righty is on the money.  My chest is also definitely filling out in the way I’ve always wanted it to, not that unfortunate way it ballooned in junior high.  You can also see a lot more muscle in my pecs and around my shoulders now versus six months ago.

Speaking of hearts and face shapes, here’s some graffiti I saw while out on the town today:

So sassy.

So sassy.

All in all, not too shabby.  Dare I say…I’m getting a little beefy.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

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