6 Months on T Update

Hey!  Here’s a video update!  Sorry I don’t look into the camera, as I’m not sure where it is on my phone I should be looking.  Also, this video is long, please enjoy as much or as little as you would like.  It’s mostly about testosterone and mental health.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

11 thoughts on “6 Months on T Update

  1. Glad you are feeling better! I really need to get back on the exercise routine.

    The androgynous phase is rough – especially with public restrooms. The worst part once you start using mens rooms full time is lack of enough stalls.

    Have your shoes started fitting differently yet? I didn’t believe the stories about gaining shoe size but it has happened to me…

  2. You look great. I’d totally hit on you if you were gay and I were single 😉 Moustache and goatee grow faster than the rest… that’s normal.
    My problem is sleeping too. I only sleep about 5 to 6 hours per night and that’s not in a row.
    If you’re ever doubtful of the hormone thing, I can put you in contact with Dr. Elsimar Coutinho. He’s one of the world’s premier experts in hormones. And I don’t speak to him any more, but he’s my grandfather and I still maintain a relationship with his secretary- so I can make it happen.
    As for ‘passing’, I think you shouldn’t really use that word. You’re you, and you’re male. There’s nothing about your demeanor that would make anyone think otherwise.

    • Thanks for the shot to the esteem. 🙂

      And thanks for the heads up about granddad–I’ll let you know if I ever need to get in touch.

      I agree about the irk from the term “passing.” I just use it for short hand, but indeed, it makes it sound as though I’m trying to pull something over on someone, when I’m just, finally, trying to be myself.

  3. You look great (as does Violet). Honestly, I wouldn’t think twice seeing you go into the men’s room. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but more and more, you’ll get used to using the men’s room. Like you, I had been on T for a few months and started to be gendered more and more consistently as male, but I don’t think I saw it myself. It’s definitely weird space to be in.

    • Yeah, weird indeed, but thanks for giving me the “I would pass” thumbs up. I’m more concerned about any altercations in the bathroom, but I think it highly unlikely, as dudes seem to keep to themselves in there.

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  5. Just watched your video through. I am just so impressed and inspired and want to cheer you on! How is the refusing-male-privilege coming along? Such a head trip. “Yes I’m a guy. No I’m not an asshole to women!” Keep living your life, and thanks for sharing it with others (like me). Are you on Tumblr? Regardless, see my page to “stalk me back” or better yet say hi! (OK, following is not stalking. But I’d still rather know and be known. Thanks. )

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