21 thoughts on “4 Months on Testosterone!

  1. This video just made me so incredibly happy. I love the way your voice has changed, but still retains the familiar qualities I know and love. Hearing your signature “in any event” makes me miss you even more than I already do. I am so darn happy for you and K – I love you both and could not be more on board with any two people getting married.

  2. Wow. “Congratulations” doesn’t quite cut it. I think I may have to work on inventing a whole new word just to respond accurately to this video, so, erm, watch this space…

    Firstly, I can hear an additional rumble in your voice, which is awesome. Secondly, *ditto* on the energy increase, and also the concerns about it – I hope it sorts itself out sharpish and that your doctor’s got some decent options for you. Thirdly (trying to remember everything in order, and failing miserably, as you can see), best of luck for the mysterious application, especially since I want you to have more time for your writing, so I can read it all and bask in the glory of your talent. And finally, because this paragraph is running the risk of turning into an essay, *WHOOPING AND CHEERING* galore for setting a date! I look forward to hearing more about it, and seeing photos, and (enormous hypocrisy aside) essentially ensuring you stay attached to your computer for the foreseeable future with the additional guilt about keeping me updated.

    And, for the record, you’re a damn good speaker, so if you’re a better writer then that proves how brilliant you are generally. You can’t argue with my maths. So there.

    It’s good to be back and able to respond properly (read: long-windedly) at last 😀


    • J.C.,

      I’m going to hold you to the invention of this new congratulatory utterance, mostly in hopes of using it back at ‘cha someday.

      And yes, an “additional rumble” is how it feels to me. I told K my voice felt “deeper in my throat” and immediately regretted the phrasing.

      So glad you’re back, buddy. I’ve missed all your capital letters and rambling sentences, truly. 🙂


      • To the drawing (writing) board!

        Hmm, I can see why that might be, erm, problematic…

        And my capital letters and rambling sentences are very pleased to be back to bug you all over again 😉


  3. You look and sound great. T agrees with you. 🙂

    In my experience it is a combination of small changes over months that suddenly seem like a big change that happens over night. Kind of a tipping point I suppose.

    Happy tipping!

  4. I love your videos so much! You look and sound so good. Thanks for all the great info here. I am passing this on to my lil dude. Best wishes to you on the grant, and congratulations on the wedding date, too!

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