How to become exempt from registering with the Selective Service if you are transgender, and why it is so important.

Useful, if not boring, from Your Pal Eli:

The Evolution of Man

Why should I bother? If you do not register with the Selective Service then you will be ineligible for all federal financial aid (Pell Grants, Work Study, etc.), you will not be allowed to hold a government job or receive federal job training, etc. Keep in mind that most universities will not allow you to apply for their other financial assistance programs until you have completed your FAFSA – which also requires SS registration. 


If you are under 18: Don’t worry about it until you are 18.

If you are 18-25: Request a Status Information Letter showing that you are exempt from registration.

If you are 26+: Once you turn 26 you are no longer allowed to register with the Selective Service – this does NOT mean you are off the hook! You must still request a Status Information Letter proving that you did not break the law, but are…

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