8 Weeks on T: Intramuscular Injection Video

Guess what!  Here’s that injection video I have been promising.  I get cut off at the end, but don’t worry, I come back in print after the video:

Anyway, before my phone alarm went off and interrupted my recording, I was saying that my voice is dropping, and now cracks too.  my shoulders are continuing to fill out, and I noticed a few days ago that when I put on a t-shirt I hadn’t worn since last summer my arms fill it out totally differently.  The shirt is tight around my upper arms and the sleeves come down to where they should–they don’t hang a bit lower like they used to.  Rad.

Otherwise, I’m not noticing much of anything else.  I have had some shitty days, but I’m not ready to attribute them to T rage or anything.  I’ve been sleeping better, and feeling better, since I have gotten back to the gym.  I have noticed some low level anxiety, but it could be attributed to the new apartment, and getting used to that.  So again, I’m not ready yet to chalk up a small surge in anxiety level directly to testosterone.  Also, the headaches have gone away, which is great news.

And Now, A Quick Note on Vaginal Health

So, some guys, namely trans guys, have vaginas.  If you are not one of those guys, this section may bore/horrify you, so I suggest you stop reading now.

Now that’s it’s just us dudes here, let’s have a difficult but necessary conversation.

Ok, it seems that testosterone can decimate the natural flora and fauna of the vagina, leading to bacterial vaginosis and/or yeast infections.  Greek yogurt has helped keep these issue at bay for me.  But should you notice some discomfort in your groin, get thee to a doctor.  This stuff, while not necessarily life threatening, can be uncomfortable and discomforting.  Also, these are not problems that will just “go away,” as you are actively destroying your estrogen levels, and that estrogen is needed for good vaginal health.  And vaginal atrophy is a real thing, and it can lead to urinary tract problems, and you don’t want it, so let’s take good care of our bodies, shall we fellas?

I know our vaginas are the last thing trans guys want to talk about.  But let’s be adults here.  Let’s be good to our bodies, and let’s listen to our old pal Buck:

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

4 thoughts on “8 Weeks on T: Intramuscular Injection Video

  1. My lil dude got his first injection this past Thursday!!! His are subcutaneous so a slightly different process than yours (not by much), but i am still sending him a link to this in case he hasn’t already seen it. I love your videos!

    • So I passed then? Excellent! Maybe my attention to detail and stellar teaching job have to do with the fact that I’m sticking a needle into my own leg. 😉

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