A Quick Update

Not much has been happening as far as gender-related issues in my life go.  I am still going through the awkward process of getting my friends and family and co-workers using the right pronouns.  It’s hard for them, and hard for me, and to be honest, I chicken out more than I ought to and don’t correct them when they mess up (often, but not always).   With the co-workers at least, part of the problem is that they do it in front of customers, and I just can’t deal with airing my private gender shit in front of strangers, and lots of them.  As for everyone else, I have no excuse other than my yellow belly.

And so, I ignore my blog too, because then I have to go on there and fess up to being a coward.

In related news, now that the election is over I am going full steam ahead on the legal name change.  I wanted to vote first, to avoid any potential for confusion.  And now that the right guy won, I can move confidently forward with legal recognition of my new name.

I found a great website that helps you generate the documents necessary to change your name legally.  It’s so informative, in fact, that it told me I can’t change my name until I have lived in Illinois for 6 months.

So, despite the fact that I was born here, and lived here for over 20 years, I have to wait until February 1st to mail in my forms.  I filled out the document, and tomorrow will contact the State to explain my predicament.  They may not give a fuck, as K suggests.  And the wording is ambiguous: do I have to have been a resident here for the most recent and consecutive 6 months, or just six months total, out of my life?  Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

10 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Go get em Eli! Hope its easier than here in Fl. More hoops to jump than a dog circus. $400- $600, court appearances, newspaper notice, and a 10page form. (worth every bit). Good luck buddy!

  2. Legal name change feels SOOOOOOO good. Are you also changing your gender? Now that you’ve had surgery it should be relatively easy for you to do in almost any document. Not sure what the process is in IL.

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