Paw’s Tryin’

I have bitched plenty about my dad’s attitude, toward me, toward life in general, here n this blog.

So, it seems right and just to remark that three days ago he called me up, and asked if I would accompany him to a trans meeting at his parent’s church.

The church, one in the suburbs of Chicago, is a Methodist one, and is also of the  Reckoning in Christ variety.  This means they don’t just put up with LGBT folks, but rather they have gone through some sensitivity training and welcome* them.

I am very proud of him for making this effort.  I fear my work schedule may get in the way, but I am going to try to make it.  He says he would go to it even if I couldn’t come, but it would be easier for him if I was there.  Of course I would love to be there, but if I can’t, it seems like the kind of meeting that might occur once a month or so.

So, Paw’s making an effort, and I wanted to publicly commend him for it.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

*”Welcome” as in, don’t tell us we’re going to hell or use that ol’ tired “love the sinner hate the sin” bullshit line.  Rather, they treat us like people and respect our identity and orientation.

8 thoughts on “Paw’s Tryin’

    • Yeah, I wanted to really commend him for it, to remind myself to be fair and giving and compassionate. It’s important for me to remember that this is hard for him, too.

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