National Coming Out Day! Come One Come All!

Hello friends,

17 years ago, when I was 17, on this day I told my sister I was gay.  It went like this:

(Eli is on the phone in the dining room of his grandmother’s house, when his little sister walks past him on the way to the kitchen)

Eli: (Tells the person he is on the phone with to hold on, and speaking to little sister now) Hey S–

S: Yeah?

Eli: I’m gay

S: (surprised, but relatively unimpressed and pleased): Oh you are?!  That’s great.

Eli: Yeah. (Eli then resumes his phone chat, and his sister continues on the the kitchen.)


Why I came out to little sister S like that, on a whim, in the middle of a phone conversation, I have no idea.  It just struck me as the right time, and I knew my little sister wouldn’t have a problem with it.  I was so obviously butch and so obviously gay it is no surprise to me that it was no surprise to her.  As a side note, I didn’t find out it was National Coming Out Day until after I came out to her.  I suppose it was the ghost of Harvey Milk recruiting me that gave me the nudge to come out in that moment.

And so, in the spirit of that moment, I bring you another coming out: moments ago I linked my blog to my Facebook page, thus making this part of my life accessible to many friends and loved ones who didn’t know this blog existed.

For those of you reading for the first time, welcome!  Know this blog runs most current entry at the top to least current many pages back, so if you want to read in chronological order you’ll have to go back many pages, and start at the Wishing Well.

Also, know that there are graphic post-surgical photos on here, so some of these posts are NSFW, and they also might just be things you aren’t interested in seeing.  This is your warning.  There are also warnings in the post, if there are photos in it–so be aware, but not alarmed: this is no gender haunted house where a bloody, reconstructed nipple may pop out at you at any turn.

This blog has been instrumental in my coming out as trans process, and I have made some incredible internet friends here.  I have also brought together a nice little network of trans friendly blogs, and through these blogs met some very brave people, people who are generous with their time and generous with their lives, sharing intimate details so that we in the trans community can all feel a little bit less alone.

In that spirit, I welcome my cis-gendered friends and loved ones.

Happy Coming Out Day!

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

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