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Tips for Trans Men

Meike from Tips for Trans MenContributor: Meike

I started on my journey of gendered self-discovery from a place of depression, angst, and the nagging feeling that I didn’t quite know everything there was to know about myself.  It’s been almost three years since I started questioning myself and my gender identity, and I now find myself at an important milestone: being officially on testosterone.  For many, this is sort of a penultimate experience.  It marks the start of the physical change from female to male.  Feminine to masculine.

In this post I want to address two important themes: how I came to the decision to take testosterone, and what I like to call The Waiting Game.  The first topics is important not because it’s about me, but because everyone’s process is different.  Sometimes, the decision to transition or take T mirrors that of hundreds of trans* folk’s decisions.  Other times it might not be so…

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