11 Weeks Post-Op

I’ve been hella-lazy with the photographed, post-op milestones, but here we are–11 weeks!

At this point, my baby would be just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig.  But thank God, I just have top surgery scars, not some disgusting immaculate conception.

Like a hung painting, I’m only crooked when immobile.








As you can see, my left side is still a bit swollen (it bows out at about nipple height) and I am beginning to accept that this might be some scar tissue.  Or, this might be only 11 weeks into healing.  In any event, this is not my long term, healed chest.

I haven’t done any profile shots in a while, so I thought I would take some today:


Additional scars courtesy of my binder and the draining tube. Oh shit! Is that the Virgin Mary hoola-hooping in the background? Why, yes it is.










Ignore all that shit in the background here–we’re packing to move; you know how that is. Wait a minute, that’s just our over-the-door coat rack and additional floor-supported coat rack.  Shit, it always looks like that.









The scars are puffier the closer they come to my armpits, no doubt because that’s where they get the most stretching.  The bits of the scars that look blurry or smudged are actually much lighter in real life and are healing the best.  In a year I imagine those bits will be almost invisible.

Left side: the sergeant at full attention, a little dry, but healthy and happy to serve.








In an effort to exert his manhood, the Sarge has recently sprouted his first hair, a tiny prick of a thing, coming in on the southwest hemisphere (still too diminutive to be spotted in this picture, oh, but trust me, it’s there).

Right side, our little Cody is growing up so fast!








Cody was the late bloomer, purple and gross for most of the first few weeks, but look at him now, so pink and symmetrical and sexy!

How do I feel?  I am happy: I am pleased with my body’s progress, and thank it nightly for all the hard work it’s doing.  I have been lax about using the silicone strips, but I do see a difference between the days when I wear them and when I don’t, and K sees it too: the scars are much less raised and much more skin toned when I wear them, and if I don’t wear them my scars are puffier and more red.  I have only an occasional shooting pain where my body is continuing to regenerate tissue and nerves, and have regained full range of motion.  I am still a bit tight when I stretch far overhead, but it’s a pull in the scar tissue I feel, not any pain.  And that pull feels good, like a healthy stretch, not a painful injury.  I need now to be working on my scar tissue massages to loosen that area up, and continue to moisten my nipples, as they still get dry if I don’t put some vitamin e or aloe vera on them at least twice a day.

In closing, a shot of the view from up here:

Untitled 2









Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

22 thoughts on “11 Weeks Post-Op

    • Thanks!

      I see your camp has been busy…I’ve been away from the blog, but intend to catch up with you guys tonight or tomorrow.

      Tell N I am sending positive thoughts your way. 🙂


  1. hey, cat, thanks for documenting this so thoroughly! your blog is becoming an invaluable resource to me in my quest for either tit-acceptance or tit-destruction (i haven’t decided, yet). huzzah!

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    • You’re a good man, J.C., and your day will come in its own time.

      Additionally, you will soon be able to post about your deepening voice and developing musculature, and I will be envious indeed.


  3. Thank you so much for documenting all this. It is helping me a lot. I know I am too young at the moment to have surgery, but my day will come soon and that keeps me going. Being able to read your life experiences and see the pictures is great for me and knowing that you once felt like me and now you have had the surgery and it is all successful and you are happy is such a wonderful thing to hear. I am so happy for you. You really do look AWESOME!!! I can imagine me looking like that some day. That makes me excited! You are an amazing person and inspiration. Thank you so much,


    • Kid, you make me blush.

      Writing about my process has been a pleasure, and to know this blog is of some comfort to others is a great blessing.

      Thanks for reading.


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