6 Weeks Post-Op!

The Update:

Today I did yoga for the first time post-op.  It was a gentle class, done at home, focusing on yoga and illness (I have been fighting a summer cold for a few days, the first cold I have ever had in the summer in my life).  It felt really good to do some child’s pose, some forward folds, some legs up the wall.  Stretching my arms above my head was a challenge, and I went easy on it, but it still felt good.

I am still numb, mostly around my nipples, and I can feel scar tissue under my skin when I rub the incision lines–there is hard tissue over my pecs concentrated between the incision lines and the new nipples.  K has been working to massage my chest in those areas a bit, God love her for it.

The part that hurts the most, oddly enough, isn’t the incisions, or the nipples, or even the front of my chest.  It’s the area on my torso under my armpits: I can’t even hold a piece of paper under my arm, it’s that tender there.  And I still feel slightly numb just below my clavicle–but otherwise lots of sensation is returning to my chest.  I still also feel a bit swollen under my arms, I can tell they don’t sit against my body like they did before the surgery, and this may still change.  But I also notice this swollen area is hard, like the scar tissue area under my nipples, so this slight bulge on both sides may be worked away over time with massage.

Some Pictures:

Full frontal

Right side close-up. This nipple I named Cody.

And lefty, because he is perpetually erect, I call the Sargent.

And one last artful shot, for the connoisseurs in the audience:


Last week marked my triumphant return to work.  The folks there were happy to see me, and the few who asked where I had been (I had told many people why I was going to be out for a month, and word spread organically, which is how I wanted it) were supportive, or at least awkwardly polite.  I have been on what we call transitional duty.  This will last for two weeks, where I will be facing the shelves and greeting customers, and generally making myself look busy without doing any actual work.  It’s boring, but temporary, and at least I’m not sitting at home on my ass.  At least I’m getting paid.  And so, friends, I will leave you with a picture of me in my work shirt, without tits.

Another fantastic example of my graphic design ineptitude. But at least the trendy grocery store chain I work for won’t sue me for using their name in my trashy tranny blog.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

13 thoughts on “6 Weeks Post-Op!

  1. Happy 6 weeks!!! My chest has a lot of scar tissue, but I am afraid to massage it. I’m not sure what the procedure is for that. Your scars look amazing! Mine are a little bulky, almost 8 weeks out, probably due to my overworking them way before I should have, but I don’t really care. Nothing I can do to save them now!

    • Gentle massage is a good place to start, just give them a five minute rub, only apply as much pressure as is comfortable, and that will help to break up the tissue–don’t be scared, you can do it, and you won’t injure yourself with a little rubbin’. 😉

    • Karen!

      I owe you an email, and I have not forgotten. I just wanted to devote a good amount of time to it, an I think tomorrow is going to be its night! 🙂


      • Thanks Eli! No problem, i am so very terrible at replying to email. I know you’ve been busy, healing, travelling, and now preparing for a move as well! Just take care of yourself and i look forward to hearing from you when you get to it. =)

  2. you look like you’re healing nicely; yay! lookin’ good, too. i’ve been fighting with myself for awhile over whether i need/want top surgery or not– and your blog totally makes me lean towards YES.

    also, hope you get well, soon. summer colds always make me feel cheated. they also remind me of calvin and hobbes.

    • Oh I’m feeling much better already, but my eye watered all day at work and I looked like a sobbing little bitch. Eh, cest la vie.

  3. Reading this just reminded me how much I miss yoga. Still, something to do when offline 😉

    Congrats on the Big Decision of the last post, and on reaching 6 weeks of healy-healingness! Also, colds are the Most Irritating Little Things Ever, so you have my sympathies and I hope it crawls off to bother someone else soon (seriously, they get on my nerves more than Big Ills do) 😀


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