And Now, the Response from Aunt C:

Less than an hour after sending the coming out email to her, My oldest aunt writes, 

“I will always love you no matter what…It is sad to know you felt you had to keep this from us all this time….Yes, we never talked about your sexuality but hell, it’s none of our business..I think we just always knew and just never mentioned it…You are you and we love you….

I just don’t want you to get hurt anymore…You are such a Blessing to our family!…Relax, things are fine with me and Uncle J…I just don’t care much for Eli…How do you pronounce that….Love you so much…don’t worry…”

And then, 20 minutes later, 

“Don’t worry about Uncle M and Aunt R…They are with you all the way!…Aunt R is going to write you she said tonight but you know how she is…Just wanted to give you Thumbs UP!! and J”

And five minutes later, 

“…just another quick note…Aunt R and I said if we only were able to talk about this sooner, you would have had a much happier and supportive life…But I guess that’s part of the [our last name] Side, we just don’t discuss things…

I hope now you will be able to relax and not worry about what people say…We are all with you E and always have been…Love..C and J”

I wish I could take some of this and spread it around to the kids that don’t get to hear this form their family.  I am a grown-up and don’t need this much support, I could make it with much less.  I am overjoyed and sobbing at the love my family has for me, their ability to see past anything and love me no matter what.  But I want to give some of this to the kids that don’t get it, the runaways, the abandoned, the kids that take too many pills and slit their wrists because their families throw them out like trash.  I am a good person and I deserve this love but I don’t need it all and I want so desperately to give some of it to the kids that don’t have anyone.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

17 thoughts on “And Now, the Response from Aunt C:

  1. Thanks for sharing this Eli. I have gotten used to the lack of any contact at all from my family over the past seven months except from one brother, sister in-law, their two sons and a niece and a brief note from my sister saying only that she was “not enthusiastic about her brother of the last 60 years was wanting now to be regarded as her sister” and nothing more. It is too bad that the physical distance that has separated us since my partner, son, and I decided to return to the west has also separated us in other ways as well. Perhaps your aunts and uncles can adopt me as a niece now that they have a new nephew.

  2. hugs all around you say? YAY! *huuuug* seriously, i’m so stoked for you that i’m kinda leaky. don’t tell anyone, though. cuz tough cats like me don’t cry. *sniff*

    know what? i think your voice in internet-land IS part of a trans* support network. i bet kids read your blog and feel a little less alone than they did before. you’re positive, friendly, your transition seems to be going well, and you’re just awesome; you’re totally spreading the support through blogging.

    …i feel like a sappy git. sorry!

  3. The great part about love and support? No matter how much you give away, it never diminishes how much you have. The messages of hope, support, and love that you send out through this blog and your online network in no way drains from what you’re receiving. So keep sharing, and know that your words can have the same impact as those from your family.

  4. Huzzah with giant hugs! You deserve all the love you receive, and it only enables you further to pass it on to those who don’t have as much – think of how much love and care and general niceness you have to spread around in bucketloads 🙂


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