Thank You K

I want to take a moment to thank my girlfriend K.  You all know what a support and advocate she has been for me pre-surgery.  To be sure, she has always been on my side, and for many trans people, no one is on their side, so I know what a lucky boy I am to have her in my life.  I have always felt unfairly advantaged to call her mine, so the work she has done in keeping me healthy through this process deserves a special address.

It is important you all know:

She was the last person I saw before surgery (next to the anesthesiologist) and the first person I saw (next to the nurse) when I woke.

She set her alarm to go off every four hours overnight to give me my pain pill; she held my legs in place so I could sit up in bed to go to the bathroom.

She made my every meal (and planned a special menu for the first post-op week to ensure my food was vegan, and high in the vitamin and minerals that I would most need for quick and proper healing), and washed my every dish.

She addressed my every ache and pain, she adjusted my pillows and held my drinking water glass up so I could sip from a straw when the glass was too heavy for me to lift.

She stripped and emptied and measured the output from my drains.

She dressed me when I couldn’t do it all myself.

She reassured me when I was nervous and left me alone when I needed to rest.  Every time I said her name she was there.

She changes my dressings and holds open doors for me and applies ointments and lotions and helps me dry off after a shower.

She showered with me. 😉

I would not be in the good shape I am now without her tireless help.

Thank you, my darling girl.

Be nice to yourselves, and thank those that are nice to you,
Your Pal Eli

18 thoughts on “Thank You K

  1. I’m assuming she’s also taking thousands of photos of/for you to document this whole process. Either that or you’ve got a creepy camera-ninja stalking you.
    K’s support does sound amazing. You are indeed one lucky person with someone like her by your side. Now just to do your damnedest to make sure she feels the same way 😉

  2. The best thing about having a blog: immortalising the excellent ones in your life for their excellent-ness. And you did it so well. It’s brilliant that you have such great people around you, as you so deserve them (and they you) 🙂

  3. Hear hear. And I echo Thomas — make sure you’re that person for her. It sounds like you are (or will be again once you are all put back together).

    Does she have some support herself besides you? In a strange way, this sounds similar to what we both lived through after the birth of our kids (in the vein supporting a barely-functional-barely-mobile-completely-overwhelmed partner). We both needed other people when in that intensive support role, but it was hard to ask for. At that time, I felt like I should be completely strong and have it all together, since, well, my partner had done all the hard work. K may have it far more together than we did, but I hope she knows it’s OK to fall apart a little if needed…

    In any case, hang in there both of you. Sounds like it’s downhill from here.

    • We have some good friends here, and I am getting more and more mobile by the day. Also, I’m glad she *gets* to go back to work: it gives her some space from taking care of me. 😉

  4. I am not going to tell you how luck you are.. cus you know it already.. I am going to tell you I found her twin sister.. Angel, my love, is like that for me as well.. and even though I have not had my top surgery yet I know that she will be there doing the same things for me.

    As I posted on one of your other posts I have just started following you, but I am going to look through your past posts to get some sage advice from you. Thanks for all you do here.

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