Calling All Top Surgery Participants:

When did you pull off the surgical tape on the incisions?  Dr. Medalie’s nurse told me they would start to fall off a little within a few days after the drains were removed (and they do pucker quite a bit in the shower) and that I should help them off and pull a bit.  The ends are starting to curl off my skin, and the are buckled throughout, but still pretty adhered.

My question: about how long after your surgery did you tug the ol’ surgical tape off the incision lines?

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

4 thoughts on “Calling All Top Surgery Participants:

  1. About… well, now. So, 18 days post op. They started to fall off a little by 12-14 days, but didn’t fully come off until now. I just let them do their own thing and decide to fall of when they wanted to. Less hassle and hurt that way.

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