The Shower Scene

The night of my chest reveal K and I went out to dinner, and then on the way home decided I should shower so we could apply the proper ointments and dressings for the night (Medalie’s staff told us my chest dressings have to be changed twice a day, mostly to keep the nipples [in particular, but entire chest region and drain sites in general] moist and clean.).

By the time we got home we were exhausted from the day, so we were eager to get the shower over with.  It was at that moment we realized we didn’t have any of the proper dressing material to do said changing.  Ugh.  So back out to the drug store we marched.  But this was the sky we had to walk under on the way, so it wasn’t a total irritation:

This followed us to the oozing wound wrapper store.

K was so kind to follow script instructions and help me out in the shower.  All joking aside, this made the process so much easier.  She was able to help me out with my back and the drain sites, and my lower calves and feet which were painful to reach for.

After I patted my chest dry, we had a whole process of applying gauze and Bacitracin (which for some reason A the nurse favors over Neosporin, and it happens to be hella cheaper, so hey, who’s going to argue with the expert?) to both the drain sites and the nipples (we don’t touch the incision lines until the strips covering them fall off, which is estimated to happen in a few days or so.).

It was a bit painful to get the vest back on, mostly, I believe, because I took a hot shower and that might have increased my swelling.  In addition to that I was out of the compression vest for longer than I ever had been, and so the swelling increased.  Also, we used (I think) a bit more gauze than was necessary so squeezing back in the vest was extra hard and actually quite painful.  It felt tighter than it had been earlier.  But now, after changing the dressings this morning, I think we have a good system down.

Some post-shower pics:

One week post-op

The bowing out at the ends of the incision lines look like dog ears to me, but I am a fairly thin person, and so I just believe this to be swelling and the incision tape creating the illusion of too much skin or excess tissue there.  This is only seven days post-op, and the swelling will take months to truly dissipate.

The thing that is most physically painful about this process for me has been not the incisions (there is no pain at all there, as of now), or the new resized and stapled-on nipples (no paint here yet either, in fact, no sensation throughout most of my chest), but the bruising on my back (from what, who knows) and near my collarbone (most likely from Medalie’s liposuction of the surrounding areas).

Left side bruising, and the sweet line above it where the compression vest cuts into me.

And the other side:


And now, for the obligatory gross (and blurry, and without flash because it washes everything out this close-up) nipple shots:

This is the right side. I call him Barney. Boy is he purple.

And meet his partner in healing, Leftie:

This one is closer to a real looking nipple: look deep into its eye and you might see your future.

And to end this post, some steamy profile shots:

I told you it was steamy: the much flatter plane.

And the right:

Next time I’ll wipe the lens off, or open the bathroom door. But honestly, you think this is the last chance you’ll have to see my bare chest? Not on your life, sweetheart.

Tomorrow?  A full pictured and detailed explanation of how to dress your wounds post-op, including my brands of choice and step-by-step process!  Be still your beating hearts!

Until then, be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

14 thoughts on “The Shower Scene

  1. Even with the bruising etc the shape looks fantastic, there is no residual fatty tissue. Congratulations and thanks for sharing, even though it’s completely different surgery to mine it helps to this anothers process.

  2. My chest was never that flat in all of my years as a man and the indignity of it was probably no different than the indignity girls must feel about their flat chests or the indignity you felt being busty. I am so happy for you as I am finally happy with my boobs after all of these years. Bring on the wet t-shirt, dude, I’m waiting!

    • Deanna, you always have such colorful comments! I look forward to seeing them on my notifications every morning.

      I just read your comment aloud to K and we both had a good laugh. But you’re right–that indignity is something I am glad to be rid of, that self-shame, and sadness I felt about my own body.

      Wet T-shirt photos coming soon!


  3. Holy nipple cripple Batman! Keep up the after care diligently. It will pay off by getting it healed as quick and clean as you can. Looking good dude! (secretly, very jealous!!) 😉

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