Day Three Post-Op, or: How Many of Me Are in This Vest?

So, so puffy.  S, Poppa T’s lady with the nursing background, reminds me that the  anesthesia is mostly out of my system at this point, and so now the real discomfort is here.  To stay.  For at least a few months.

Puffy Ol’ Eli

Today has been about napping and focusing on tomorrow, as tomorrow is the last day with drains.  The ol’ armpits are getting sore, and the vest feels like there are three or four of me crammed inside it.

I wanted to post a few pics today, and I will add them later to this entry, but the wifi connection I had been stealing disappeared and so I type this at Poppa T’s PC, and my pics are upstairs on my Mac.  Shout out to Poppa T for letting me use his computer while he naps before dinner!

K’s sister and husband and little niece came for a visit today and it was so good to see them.  We spent some time in the yard where there is a little swing set that baby niece had a good time on, and I put on a real shirt for the first time since surgery.

What a handsome beast. A handsome, puffy beast.

The family went out to lunch, and I chose to stay home because walking is hard on the ol’ incisions, and car rides are even worse.  But really, I was mostly so happy that K got to spend this time with her family (who we see about once a year) and got to connect with little niece who loves the squishy stuff out of her tia K.

I was glad K got a moment away from taking care of her bleeding trans boy and had a good lunch out and a delicious margarita and a moment that didn’t involve holding a cup of water for me while I drank out of a straw.  She’s a goddamn saint and I adore her for this.  She is taking better care of me than I would if I was doing it myself.

Morale is still pretty good, I am still more sore than in real pain, and I am less than two days away from seeing the chest all this discomfort is worth.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

11 thoughts on “Day Three Post-Op, or: How Many of Me Are in This Vest?

  1. Hey Eli! I’m so glad you’re getting your drains out tomorrow! I hope it all goes well! I hope the discomfort isn’t too horrible for you. 🙂 I’m thinking of you and hope all continues to go well! When do you leave Ohio? How much are your drains draining now? 🙂


    PS: I’m writing this from my phone since I don’t have internet until tomorrow in my place, so if it looks like I didn’t post from my account, that’s why. 😛

    • Hey Alex,

      Good to hear from you! The drains come out tomorrow morning, and I’m losing a consistent 30ccs a day or so total. So I think I’m in good shape to have them out tomorrow.

      We leave Ohio the day after, on Thursday, so I’ll be glad to be back home, healing in my own space, and without these drains. I will miss having K around as much, though, since she has to go back to work. 😦

      How is your move going?


  2. Yay for K! And keep those spirits up – time will fly by… as it can only get better from now, pain-wise, right? Each second brings you closer to full healing shininess, and all that? 🙂


    • Each second brother, that’s my outlook!

      Have you gotten your doctor paperwork straightened out? Be glad you’re not in America, where we are on the end of a long holiday weekend that would have no doubt made your troubles worse… 😉

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