Name Change

You may have noticed a blog name change around here.  Seems inappropriate for me to continue to write a blog called “My Life with Tits” since having said tits removed.

I have, however, kept the url: I wanted people to be able to still find me in a google search, so I kept it for that practical reason.

But there is a symbolic reason for it too: when I started this blog I did have tits, and so I have decided to keep the url the same.  It’s the internet version of the scars I will have on my chest: it is proof of my past, a record of my life–all of it, not just the part after the operation.

Be nice, friends,
Your Pal Eli

7 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. I like the logic, when people detach for me the URL is brokenlittledaisy.wordpress etc and people have said to me that I should change it to mended ! Which seems completely weird on one count for the same reasons you have said and secondly it’s just a bad title. I think it’s silly to rewrite history and deny that journey here. I have trans friends (female) who rewrite their whole school days, it always feels disempowering to do that.

    • Very well said Juno. It seems to me that a desire to erase all the trauma and struggle and progress made through a journey as difficult as any sort of gender (re)identification speaks to a larger dissatisfaction with one’s identity that goes beyond gender.

      There also might be some latent transphobia hiding there as well. I hate to be an “arm chair psychologist” to your friends, and I mean no disrespect to anyone who wants to “rewrite” their history to make it match up with their current gender identity.

      I just find it to be such a colossal undertaking, and wonder if that energy might be better spent doing other things, like say, loving yourself in all its manifestations?


  2. I was wondering along these exact lines last night… whether a name change would be necessary/appropriate/desired etc now that The Aforementioned Tits are no more… Hmm, great minds (or rather, YOUR great mind and my shrivelled, pea-sized attempt at a thought-generator)… 🙂


    • You must immediately, full stop bagging on your intellect. I’ve read your blog, and heard about your classes at uni, and while I might have the gift of age (maturity to some, not me obviously, but some) on my side, you are a smart kid.

      And don’t forget, you’re taller than me too, you son of a bitch.


      • God, I’ve missed you. 🙂

        (And, while we’re at it… AM I?! I didn’t think I was taller than ANYONE. Ever. But if that is indeed the case, then I apologise profusely, and will dutifully shrink… immediately.)


      • Wait, am I thinking about some other anxious ftm waif brit I’ve befriended on the internet….no, I don’t think so. Are you more than 5’4″? I don’t know what that is in UK measurements, but I bet you can do the conversion in your head, thus proving my other comment about you in this thread, the smart business, that is.

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