Day Two Post Op, or: The Unsexy Sponge Bath

Well, here I am day two post op and I’m doing ok.  The pain is minimal, I’m more just uncomfortable as my body is coming out of its anesthesia stupor and realizing it has been invaded and pillaged.  The body’s response to this gross overstep on my part is to swell up and get sore at me.  Ok, I deserve it.  I feel a bit like a sausage stuffed into a casing too small from neck to navel.  The drains remain the most irritating part of this healing experience, but even they are just irritating, not painful.

Things Changing on Day Two

-I am switching from Vicodin to Advil, mostly to work on the swelling, and because the Vicodin wasn’t doing much of a different job of pain relief from the Advil.  I have been advised to take 600mg four times daily.  I can supplement with the Vicodin if I desire, and I might do that come bedtime just to get some uninterrupted sleep.

-I had a bit of a “bath” today.  That is, K wiped me down belly to toes, front and back.  God she is a good woman.  She also tried to get some of the iodine off from the surgery, but a bit of a shade from that remains–it doesn’t seem worth it to rub too hard and irritate anything further, besides, I’m in the running for no beauty contests in my polyester loungewear and American Eagle sweatpants.  A little iodine coloring around my shoulders just gives me that Jersey Shore spray tan glow.

– My appetite is returning, and the laxatives are working.  Systems are returning to normal functioning.  This process will continue to return to full steam as I ween off the Vicodin.

I realized today that tomorrow is Monday already, and I have a early appointment with Medalie on Wednesday (10.30 a.m.) to get my drains removed.  I am pretty excited about that.  I think removing the drains, and seeing my chest, and getting to breath normally, even if only for a little bit before the vest goes back on, will be a great feeling.  And there will be plenty of pictures taken that day, for sure. 😉

Poppa T and lady friend S have a great home to spend any time in, let alone recover from surgery.  It is a single floor ranch style house, very cozy.  Central air to keep us all comfortable, and K made a terrific tortilla soup for lunch.  Right now she is making orange mandarin tofu chicken and rice for dinner.  I am a lucky boy.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli



20 thoughts on “Day Two Post Op, or: The Unsexy Sponge Bath

      • What in the hell were you doing watching SATC without us?? Obviously our snarky commentary was missing.

        Hope the pain is minimal, and you have a new season of Boondocks to look forward to.

      • Oh, I did miss my bitches. And I don’t mean “bitches” in a disrespectful way, I just mean it as “a general term for all women.” 😉

    • Ugh. I was like a wet dog standing naked from the waist down in an empty bath tub. Alex, you make it sound like, “Dear Penthouse Forum…” 😉

  1. Your outlook improves 100000% after the drains and vest are removed.
    Also, can I rent out K, Poppa K, and Lady S for my next surgery? It sounds like you’re having a blast being extra pampered.

    • Good to hear, about the outlook, because yes, while I am not in agony, boy do these drains sure make my life uncomfortable. And I think I will be expected to wear the vest for a few weeks after the drains are removed, but I also think I can take it off for showers, and from time to time, so that level of freedom will be really comforting to me.

      And unfortunately, I am very selfish and refuse to rent out my loved ones. But I know you have a s.o. and a supportive dad, so I don’t feel too bad about my refusal. 😉


  2. Hey Eli, the healing sounds like it’s going well. Don’t be too dismayed if you have a difficult day in there somewhere, it’s normal for your body to have a catch-up day, especially because this is also so emotional as well as physical. Take it steady – can’t wait for the big reveal ! Take care 🙂

    • Thanks Louise!

      Yeah, each day the anesthesia wears off more, and the aches come out more, but the pain is under control, and I am so so eager for the Wednesday morning reveal!

  3. Great to hear things are continuing to go well! I hope the Midwest is as beautiful as the East today. Be sure you soak up a bit of sun!

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