Day One Post-Op

Sure, it’s 3 a.m. and so technically day 2 post-op, but I have been drugged and am wearing grenades filled with my own blood, so give me a break. 😉  Also, with this getting up every 4 hours for drugs and not having anything to do with my day but repair my body, I’m on a bit of a funny schedule.

Today started out after a night filled with sleep and waking up every four hours to my alarm telling me it was time for another Vicodin.  The nurses warned me to “stay ahead of the pain” and to not sleep the whole night through or I would be risking waking up in a world of hurt.  So K has been an angel and sets her phone to wake us every four hours over night so I can eat some Saltines and take a pill.  K, actually, has been doing everything for me: helping me dress, loading my toothbrush with paste, give me my meds and holding my water glass so I can drink out of a straw from it.  Well, she does almost everything for me: I still wipe my own ass, thank god.

When the alarm went off at 7 a.m. this morning for a pill, we decided to get up and go for a walk, before it got too hot (in Cleveland it has been in the high 80s-low 90s).  So we walked around the neighborhood; the air was cool and we walked slowly– it felt really good to stretch my legs and get out of the house.  We got a bagel to take home with us from a local coffee house, and when we got back K made us cereal with blueberries and almond milk and bananas, we split the bagel, I had some water and she had a coffee.  It was a great start to the day.

We went back to the bedroom for some resting and Netflixing.  This morning has been filled with waking and sleeping, waking and sleeping, taking a pill, having a snack of crackers and ginger ale before each pill, and just generally not using my upper body muscles.  This is just as hard as it sounds, but not as hard as it could be since I spent the last three months or so at the gym working my core pretty good: I can easily move from a lying down position to a sitting up position using only my abs–this is immensely helpful.

We had a lunch that consisted of falafel sandwiches K went out to pick up while her lazy boyfriend was in a narcotics stupor and didn’t even notice she was gone until she woke him up for lunch.  Good for nothing addict.  But we did snap this shot:

Vest by Marena, tubes by Medalie, blood by Eli

Today the pain had been minimal, that is, until K’s dad showed up and we went for an hour long car ride to his place in Canton, where I will be recovering until Wednesday, when we will return to Cleveland to have my drains out.  The car ride was pleasant, good temperature, good company (it was me, K, K’s dad, and his lady friend, S), and we had lots to talk about.  The problem was that I had to steady myself around every turn and curve because the pressure on any one side was painful.  By the time we got to Canton I was pretty sore, but it was also just about time for another Vicodin, so that helped quite a bit.  At this point the most painful parts for me are the drain sites, they just ache and burn since they are in my armpits.  Usually the Vicodin takes care of most of that.

We had celebratory pizza for dinner, which I ate 2 pieces of and promptly felt utterly stuffed from (my stomach has shrunk considerably from almost no food the day prior), so I went and laid down for a bit.  I couldn’t be in better hands though, really: K’s dad works for Walgreens, so pharmacy runs are no big deal, and his lady S is a nurse, who has actually asked if we had any questions and volunteered to help us with the emptying of the drains, which we have to do 2-3 time a day and record the level of output.  We told S we had it under control, and we do, but god, what a kind gesture, to offer to help me with my disgusting bloody grenades.  Thank you, S, for being an awesome and caring person.

After my nap I felt recharged and ready for the terrific tofu chocolate peanut butter pie S made us for dessert.  So K and I had some of that with her dad and S, then after a little chatting it was off to bed for me: Vicodin, laxative (those are once in the morning and once at night)*, emptying and recording of the drain output, and the process of getting into bed.  I slept until, well, now when about an hour ago K gave me another pain pill.  Only now is my actual chest starting to ache a bit, and it’s getting a tad itchy around my back and shoulders, no doubt the effect of having this tight-ass vest on 24/7.  But the sensations are mostly aches, not truly painful, and for that I am deeply grateful.

So that’s it for tonight. Good night to you all, (and good day to my readers in the U.K!)

Be nice,
Eli signing out–


*Sorry folks, but I want this to be a record for people thinking about this surgery, too, not just for me and my friends, so occasionally this kind of gross but necessary information will appear.  Thank you for your understanding.

11 thoughts on “Day One Post-Op

  1. Eli,

    Thank you for sharing these details. It sounds like you have a great support/care team put together. I hope your recovery continues to fly by. Looking forward to your next post.

    • Thanks AW, for being such an attentive reader. You always drop by and leave a note or two on my posts. Be certain: I have not forgotten to check you out on tumblr. 😉


  2. Just popping up again to mention that I LOVE your first sentence! Then again, I’m a sucker for anything remotely gory… ahem. I’ll crawl back into my hole now. 🙂

  3. I’m reading back over some of the detailed posts, again, to absorb for future reference. 🙂 And when looking at the pic to examine the drains, i noticed your tattoo — is that Pearl Jam lyrics??

    Hope you are feeling great today. It may be another day or two before i get back to check in but you’re in my thoughts!

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