25 thoughts on “Huzzah!

    • As my co-worker says, “totes mcGoats.” or, translated, “indeed.” My K is taking the best care of me possible, and I am feeling good and taking it very very easy.

    • Lol, yeah, it was pretty trippy, as Maddox told me it would be. It was hard for me to focus on the letters on the screen, and hard for me to concentrate on any thought for more than the smallest of fleeting moments. 😉 But now that I feel like most of the anesthesia is out of my system, and I’m just on to a Vicodin once every four hours, I feel more myself, and more in this world. 😉

    • I am feeling much more myself this morning, K and I are going to embark on an early morning walk to get my blood flowing again and to combat any clotting.

      Later, I plan to post about my experience yesterday at the doctor’s and put up some with-vest after pics!

      So stay tuned…


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