A Change of Scenery

This morning we landed in Cleveland, after getting up at 4.50 a.m. for an 8 a.m. flight.  The bed and breakfast we are staying in is really nice: a cute house owned by an artsy couple a few years older than K and I.

I told you they were artsy.

The room we are staying in is on the second floor: it has a comfy futon (yes, they do come in “comfortable” models), a couple windows with some nice light, there’s some soft red carpeting, and we are located right next to the bathroom.  The owners have a sweet little dog, a fourteen year old Chihuahua named Lula, who loves to sit in my lap.  And I love her attention.

This afternoon K’s dad came down from Canton, OH, and we spent the day hitting American Apparel, where K bought a Bandeau top (something necessary for her outfit for the wedding in June), and I got a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt from Avalon Exchange.  The t-shirt is so so rad, so rad in fact, I am not wearing it until after surgery because it is going to look super hot with my new chest.

We also had lunch out with her dad, and stopped by Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for some groceries for the week.  We will be staying with K’s dad after the surgery until it is time to come back to Cleveland to have my drains out, and my girlfriend is an awesome cook and has planned a whole week of delicious, nutritious recovery meals.

Tomorrow morning is my pre-op appointment with Medalie, where he will take a look under the hood and we will make the final surgical decision on best method (DI or Peri-) for my chest.

It feels a bit surreal to be here: I dozed off for about a half hour this afternoon before K’s dad got here, and when I woke up I was confused, I didn’t know where I was for a second, but I wasn’t upset, just curious.  I feel content being here: the house is cozy, our room is warm and comfortable, and we are a scant 20 minutes or so from Medalie’s office.

All in all, my spirits are high.  I feel ready, and am eager to meet the good doctor tomorrow and get a few answers to some surgical questions.

Tonight will entail drinking some tea, getting into bed early, watching a little movie, kissing my girlfriend, and having a good night’s sleep.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

23 thoughts on “A Change of Scenery

  1. It’s funny that you are there right now and went to Whole Foods. I wonder if it’s the same one I go to when I’m visiting my s.o. in Cleveland… Makes me miss it there! 😦

    Good luck with the consult tomorrow! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Thomas. I am pretty content with this journey (so far), but imagine I will be more content post-op. 😉

      • Just waiting for SRS on the NHS (health service in the UK), if that is too long a wait I am going to sell my house and head to Bangkok. I am almost complete in transition apart from that surgery.

      • It can be any number of years really especially in this economic climate of cutbacks and austerity. I need everything done by the time I am fifty, so (scarily) two years. So that’s my time frame. I have been out and ‘in role’ for two years so I just want to feel complete.

      • Totally. I hope this time frame works out for you, and what a strong person you are to know who you are and recognize what you need to do to get there. Good luck seems flippant and inappropriate here, so instead I’ll go with, I wish you well!

    • Hahahahaha, thanks Pinkie. But don’t you worry, I’m only staying here pre-op. Post-op K’s dad is picking us up from the hospital and we are staying with him. But I do thank you for your concern.


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