The Day Before Cleveland

The party went great last night!  Buddy G and his wife came, so did our lovely neighbor lady friends (a couple downstairs from us), and my old college pal L.  We had some snacks

(Champagne and wine not pictured)

and sat around the table chatting and having a good time.  Since we live in such a small town we all know people who know each other, so we were unearthing funny little connections to each other all night.  Only one of the ladies from downstairs, R, had met G once before, otherwise, no one knew each other.  But it was fun to hear them talk about how they knew so-and-so from the gallery, or from grad school, etc. etc.

And even little Violet had a good time:

Are there any strawberries left?

Later that night after the others had left, K presented me with some reconstructed-chest-appropriate gifts:

My first muscle shirt!

Better get back to the gym, so I can start filling it out.

My first suspenders!

What’s skinny and black and will look so sweet with my suit? These guys.

And the new issue of Rolling Stone, with an interview with Tom Gabel.

Cover boy reminds me I can be short and studly.

It is my routine to buy the latest issue of Rolling Stone before getting on any airplane.  It feels like good luck to me and is a nice read on a place.  The coming out of Tom at this moment is pretty encouraging and fortuitous.  So great to get to read a story about a transgender coming out as I fly to get top surgery!

I’ve been feeling a bit of heightened anxiety these last couple days: yesterday my heart kept doing this fluttery thing it almost never does.  It feels like it sometimes gulps for blood.  And it is still doing it this morning.  But I am in good shape, and feel certain this is some anxiety welling up.  I don’t feel consciously anxious, but as of this morning I am getting a bit antsy about the flight and finding our way around Cleveland.  These nerves are just the regular “flying to an unfamiliar city using public transit meeting the bed and breakfast folks” nerves.  But I am sure the fluttery heart thing is well, my heart fluttering about in anticipation for upcoming changes in anatomical landscape.

But be certain, I am excited, too: we have great meals out and city exploring and yoga nights planned.  I am really glad we have a few days in Cleveland before the surgery, to get settled and explore a little.  And more pressing, I do love packing and cleaning, always have, and so today is going to be great!  Laundry!  Folding clothes into luggage!  Crossing things off lists!*

Today, we pack.  Tomorrow, we fly.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

*You may think I am being sarcastic.  I am not.  I really love the feeling of putting things in order.  *Big, relieving, satisfied sigh.*

14 thoughts on “The Day Before Cleveland

  1. Wishing you a safe flight, surgery and a speedy recovery.. A new life awaits and I think you are hellified ready 🙂

  2. It used to be my tradition to buy the latest issue of Scientific American at the airport. Very telling…

    Enjoy your time, and don’t even try to sleep the night before.

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