Oh Yeah, I Picked Up My Suit!

I can’t believe I was so busy feeling weird and shitty and mad last week that I forgot to post about picking up my suit on Friday with G!

It was a quick trip, we just popped in, G tried his jacket on, which he looked great in and the sleeves fit much better this time around.  Then I tried on my suit.  I felt like a big boy, standing in front of the mirror, checking the feel of the alterations, looking at myself with my dress shirt and shoes on with the jacket and pants.  It felt pretty damn good.











And here is a detail of the sleeve which by the beard of Zeus, is just the right length and didn’t need to be tailored:











A closer look at the pants, and the shoes I am wearing with them, some oxford cognac jobs:











Overall, this first suit buying experience couldn’t have gone better.  All I need is a skinny coral tie (which coordinates with K’s jewelry choice).  Sweet: nice suit, good shoes, black suspenders not pictured.  I’m on my way.  These photos were taken on our side porch, where there is beautiful light in the late afternoon, but please excuse the creepy “we keep kidnapped children here” vibe of the dirty grey floor and unfinished wood in the background.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

10 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, I Picked Up My Suit!

    • The re-post will come soon. What color is your suit? I am lucky enough to have a girlfriend who is good at fashion and colors and whatnot, she is the brains behind the grey suit/orange shoes/coral tie business.


      • The one I just ordered is cream cotton linen, because it’s an outside summer wedding. If it comes out ok I will order a “little charcoal suit” for all occasions. And a skinny black tie. And maybe a bowtie? Why not!

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