My Post-Surgery Entertainments

I wanted to make a short post on the types of entertainment I have lined up for after surgery, for those of you considering surgery and looking for recommendations, but also this list is just a good list of stuff to read/watch/listen to for anyone, really.

What to Listen to

I imagine, especially during the first week or so, I will want to just lie in bed and do some listening to stuff.  So I have bookmarked This American Life‘s radio archive page on my computer for easy access to some of the most interesting stories on the internet.

Also, last week I went to the local library and took a peek at their audio books.  The selection sucked.  But I did find Earth, the Book, by Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show.  So, rad.  I rented it and downloaded it onto my iPod so I can listen to it and doze lazily in a Vicodin stupor.

What I’m (planning on) Reading

I am finishing up Yoga for Anxiety, by Mary NurrieSterns and Rick NurrieSterns.  This one has some fantastic tips for breathing and meditation and some writing exercises for breaking old anxiety habits.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever dealt with anxiety, for any reason.

And the book I just recently bought at my local queer bookseller is The Testosterone Files, by Max Wolf Valerio.  This one is so good I keep putting my anxiety book down in favor of reading this one.  But, as K reminds me, having such an easy and intriguing read will be valuable to me when I am laid up.  So I put it down, and do the yoga anxiety heavy lifting now, while I still can, and before surgery when it is most needed.

Lastly, I am awaiting the arrival of two more books from Amazon: Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother? and Matt Bernstein Sycamore’s Nobody Passes.  I love Fun Home (and even taught it in a graphic novel course I taught a few years back) and am really into essay collections on gender right now, so the Bernstein text should be great, too.

Also, I am reading Catherine Taylor’s Apart.  It is beautiful.  Go and buy it immediately.

Stuff to Watch

Jesus, I’m just going to get it out of the way: all 13 seasons of King of the Hill are available on Netflix instant.  There, I said it.

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

2 thoughts on “My Post-Surgery Entertainments

  1. I recommend TV the first week – you will be exhausted and in pain and will need immediate vegetative distraction. Ping if you want suggestions.

  2. Yeah, I think King of the Hill will be invaluable during this time. And My So Called Life. And The Wonder Years. All available on Netflix instant.

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