For My Readers, From Brysen:

I received this message from Brysen today, and it really is for all of us, so I wanted to share it with you folks, and remind you how thankful I am for your support, and knowledge, and to let you know you have made some good in this world today, in (at least) this way:

Brysen writes,

“Hi all! As all of you were such a huge part of where I am today, I thought I would share some unbelievably happy news.

My father and I have always had a less than positive relationship. He was a abusive alcoholic. I actually spent my twenties and half of my thirties with almost no contact. In the last two years he and I have come to a new understanding. (he quit drinking 15yrs ago). Over the weekend I told him via text (I know lousy way, but I still respond to him poorly during conflict) about my name change and a whole list of other things going on with me, encompassing my lifetime thus far. I was expecting the worst. Instead, I received this via text, ” I LOVE YOU. If this is what makes you happy and is right for you, then it is right for me and it is what I want too.”
Acceptance. Saturday April 14th 2012, after years of so much ugliness and separation…I have acceptance.
Now on to accepting myself.
Thank you ALL!”

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

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