A Top Surgery Update and Some Internet Misguidance:

-Sent Dr. Garramone chest pics and scheduled a phone consult with him in April.

-Sent Dr. Medalie a follow-up email (with some questions) to his email giving me the go-ahead for surgery! 

-Had a sweet weigh workout at the gym

-Had a mini-run outside in the beautiful weather

-Sent a good little email to a new trans friend exploring how best to come out as trans to one’s family.

I feel accomplished, and blessed and hungry!  But before I go make lunch, a bit of silliness:

A friend of mine said to me, as I hammered out with her the initial outline of this blog, “you know, you might attract some unwanted attention in the form of folks searching for porn with the word “tits” in your title.  And I am not surprised, but of course she was right.  It doesn’t bother me, in fact, I find it pretty funny when I open my WordPress account every morning and see the search results that led people to my blog.  Some are too great not to share.  First, Google has sent some unsuspecting pornography purveyer to my website when all he (or she, of course) wanted was:

“come on my tits”

Or some good, old fashion MTF porn in the form of:

“transgender tits”

Or some, ahem, budding MTF herself just wanted some guidance when searching for:

“how to give boys real life tits without surgery”

And the most quizzical for me:

“tomboy tits”

Actually, I suppose if I posted before pics, the “tomboy tits” kid would have hit the jackpot.  But alas, all any of these folks found, instead of porn or female trans guidance was me rambling on about taking my tits off.  Sorry ladies and gentlemen, there’s nobody here but us trans dudes and a couple allies.  Not the show you’re looking for, I suppose, but I have a suspicion there are plenty of other results for “come on my tits” in a google search that my little blog’s disappointments will be forgotten quickly.

Be nice to yourselves, bots or not,
Your Pal Eli

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