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I have read a lot of information* that has helped me make an informed decision on top surgery.  Lots of internet research in the form of personal blogs, youtube videos, and researched articles on trans websites have helped me begin to understand the nuances of this procedure, both physically and psychologically.  I would like to acknowledge them here, both to thank them for their encouragement and information, and to corral together the best resources I have found hopefully to be of help to others.

As a non-binary individual, these blogs have been helpful in feeling less alone:

Maddox, over at Neutrois Nonsense, has been a great support, and answered a question I shot over there in more detail, and with more grace, than any reasonable person could ask for.  Looking for non-binary support?  Looking for a thoughtful, detailed read about all things trans- and neutrois-related?  You found it with Maddox.  So many entries on top surgery! And transgender topics!  And queer book reviews! Maddox also has a tumblr account as well.

Queer Rock Love is a blog Maddox referred me to, written beautifully by Paige Schilt . QRL “is a collection of personal stories about a gay, transgender, rock-n-roll family raising a son in the heart of the South.”  If you are interested in the intersection of raising children in a queer environment, this is a great place to start.  Katy, Paige’s partner, is a butch lesbian who has undergone top surgery, and continues to identify as female, and for that reason is of particular interest to me.  But Schilt’s writing is so engaging, and honest, and funny, and attentive, I find it hard to believe anyone would not enjoy reading it.  Some posts I particularly enjoy include The Little Zeus’ Room, Think Pink, and The Incident.  And Passing (or not) at the Pool.  Oh hell, just read them all.

-Ashton at Butch on Butch also has some well-investigated posts on being a butch who had top surgery.  I particularly enjoyed these posts on top surgery from her tumblr account.  And she has a great post on resources for folks looking into top surgery. But back on WordPress, Ashton recently wrote a wise and kind post about acceptance of the self–go and check it out.

These blogs are at the FTM end of the gender spectrum:

Josh over at Gender Outlaw has a pretty sweet workout routine I am borrowing from, in an effort to get my body in the best shape possible pre-surgery.  His blogs are interesting and really informative for those transitioning ftm.

Matt of Tranifesto fame has a brilliant and erudite ongoing Q and A segment of his blog.  Researched, thorough, and enlightening, his posts are always a joy to read.  His writing is compassionate and tempered and, without sounding like too much of a kiss-ass, a really great example of informative trans-related writing.  The most recent one, on the topic of the “shades of grey” that some trans people inhabit resonates with me.

-Ryan at has lots of top and bottom surgery information, and another great work out routine for shaping up before top surgery.

Some articles of note here:

Dude Magazine has a brief interview with Max and buddy Art on top surgery without T.

Zak and Adrian at The Art of Transliness also have a good article on top surgery sans T.

And that is where I will stop for now.  Thanks for stopping by, and leave a note if you please, I’m always happy to respond!

Be nice to yourselves,
Your Pal Eli

*I’m new to this proper blogging business, so some of the above authors will likely be surprised by my interest in their writing.  I have not commented on all of them.  I just read today that this absence is a blogging faux pas.  I apologize to you guys and ladies, I’m just a beginner, and will be commenting soon on your posts.  But please know you all have been of great encouragement to me, and I would surely not be taking these positive steps to be more fully myself if not for your writing.  Thank you.

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