Not Your Mom’s Trans 101

I found this while trolling the internet looking for trans blogs.  Asher has a thorough guide to some common trans language for those of you interested here.

And also good on Dreki’s blog, this post, a trans 101 for us all.

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4 thoughts on “Not Your Mom’s Trans 101

  1. Thanks for the good reads! My head is exploding lately around how constrained I feel in the binary matrix. I’m not sure where this will lead. Uncharted waters ahead!

    • No problem! I found them while feeling restless one night and was searching the internet for more good reads myself. As far as the water: jump right in! The temperature’s fine!

      Also, I almost called you yesterday–after I sent my mom the email telling her about surgery I was in a minor panic, and K said, “you could call Tam.” It was funny, I forgot you gave me that number, for if I was feeling like I needed a little support, and was glad K reminded me of that. Actually, just being reminded I had that option made me feel a lot better. ;)

      • Absolutely – I know how alone I feel in this sometimes and just knowing there’s someone else out there going through something similar that’s willing to lend an ear can make all the difference in the world.

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